Press Release

Gal Weinstein finds inspiration in the iconic images that are engraved in our collective memory.

His artistic practice consists in reflecting and giving substance to the aesthetic feelings conveyed through popular imagery (newspapers, magazines, adverts, photographs, postcards). He uses industrial, functional materials such as MDF, steel wool, carpeting, PVC, silicone, and so on.

His work often lends itself to a double interpretation. It captures emotion, through the shape and specificity of the materials used that appeal to the sense of touch.

His steel wool drawings are a good example. At first glance, one would think they are lead pencil drawings or photographs. But a closer look reveals what they are actually made of, which the intrigued viewer feels drawn to investigate with his/her fingers. With the “carpeted” works, the perceived image is soon transcended into an abstract or even pictorial piece one can’t help but caress.

The fingerprints made of PVC represent individuality in terms of form, but their double thickness further turns them into landscapes. The artist’s training as a sculptor almost systematically comes to the fore.

Gal Weinstein (1970) lives and works in Tel Aviv. His work has been shown worldwide.

Keitelman Gallery, 2011